Sugarless smash cake


From £55 (subject to availability)

Baby’s having a party but normal cakes are way too sweet?

Well we have the answer for you! V&Me’s organic sugarless smash cake, designed for babies and toddlers! No additives, no nasties, simply sweetened by fruits. They are so popular we are now selling them individually. Delivery all over London.

Best eaten within 4 hours on the day of delivery (as it is has no sugar or nasties!)

Please note the fruit topping will change with season (berries for spring & summer, dried fruits for autumn & winter).

Ingredients (standard): Plain flour (gluten, wheat), golden raisins (sulphites), veg oil, oat milk (gluten, wheat), baking powder (gluten), bi carb, vanilla extract, vegan cream topping, coconut milk, vegan spread, maple, fruit jam (sulphites), seasonal fruit.

Please reach out to us first if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

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Please add safe storage instructions if you are not at home during delivery.


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