At V&Me, your little one’s health and safety are our top priorities. Here’s how we ensure that our kitchen and cooking processes maintain the highest standards of hygiene and sterilisation:

Sterilised Equipment:

Our kitchen operates under strict protocols. All equipment is thoroughly sterilised with Milton steriliser between cooking sessions to help maintain a clean and bacteria-free environment.

Hygiene Practices:

Our team wears hair nets and gloves, and every member of staff has undergone rigorous hygiene training to meet and exceed industry standards.

Fresh Ingredients:

Using the freshest ingredients is key. We ensure all vegetables are thoroughly washed and sourced from trusted suppliers to guarantee optimum quality and safety of ingredients. We never freeze meat and fish produce.

Stringent Testing:

To maintain consistency and safety, we flash freeze samples of our food regularly to be sent for comprehensive testing. This meticulous approach ensures that every meal meets our high-quality standards before reaching your little one.

Top-Rated Facility:

We’re proud of our 5-star kitchen rating. This means is that our kitchen has been assessed on:

  • handling of food
  • how food is stored
  • how food is prepared
  • cleanliness of facilities
  • how food safety is managed

…and been awarded the highest level for each of them.