V&Me was founded in 2021 with a simple mission: to transform the way we feed our youngest generations. For too long, parents’ only options were pre-packed or frozen meals that lacked the freshness and variety that’s essential for growing babies. We all dream of home-cooking every meal for our little ones, but, at some point, the reality of parenthood sets in and we realise it’s not as easy as we had imagined.

That’s where V&Me comes in. We offer the best variety and nutrition for your baby. All our menus are designed by experts and cooked exactly as you would at home (if you had the time). It’s a guilt-free alternative to home cooking that lets you focus on the things that matter most to you and your family.

Conventional jars and pouches found in the supermarket haven’t changed in over 50 years. The industrial heat treatment processes they use strip the essential nutrients, texture, and flavour from their foods (that’s why they last so long!).

We decided to do things differently.

We cook all our meals from scratch every single day, just as you would do at home. This ensures we don’t have to rely on industrial cooking processes or any unknown preservatives.

You can customise your meals to the right texture for your baby. Served in earth-friendly grab-and-go pots that are recyclable and compostable.

When we’re feeding your babies, we only ever use the finest, freshest ingredients, packed full of paediatric approved nutrients and vitamins. So, you can be assured, that your baby is getting all of the goodness she or he needs to thrive.