Meet the team

Mulu - VandMe team
Mulu Founder
"I’ve always wanted the best things in life. The best school, best job, best things for my children.
So I was really frustrated when I started weaning my son V, that there was just nothing on the market that was good enough. I didn’t want to feed him pouches that were older than him, but also didn’t want to spend hours every day in the kitchen and get stressed about planning out all the meals for him.

So I thought to myself: what is the dream way to do this? I’d have the most relevant experts design and plan the menu out, have the best chefs cook it every day and have the meals ready to eat on our table on the days I need them.

And there – V&Me is born.

We are here to empower you, to be the helping hand you need and to give you the guilt-free time back. We look forward to welcoming you to our tribe."
Kwesi Head chef
A key figure behind many iconic restaurants in London (Sea Containers, the Gherkins)

“I am dedicated to making a change to our future. This means supporting our children growing up and making better decisions regarding what they eat.

I am passionate about creating recipes that the whole family will love. It's a great feeling to know our next generation is eating the best available healthy meals.”
Kwesi - VandMe team
Jo and Ruth - VandMe team
Jo and Ruth Paediatric dietitians
Two of UK’s leading experts in baby and toddler nutrition.

“We love Mulu’s passion to provide children with the best nutrition possible.

Food for the early years isn’t regulated in the same way that school food is; there are guidelines but these are only voluntary. Mulu was keen to ensure she was doing everything possible to make sure her meals were meeting recommendations and has taken on board all of our advice, doesn’t cut corners or compromise with quality.

It’s a pleasure to work for a company who really values our expert advice as paediatric dieticians. We both have 3 children and understand how difficult it can be to provide balanced meals for your children day in and out. We love the service that V&Me offers.”