We hope most of your questions are answered here. If not, please do get in touch via the contact form.

How is V&Me different to home-cooked meals and off-the-shelf alternatives?

Our menus have been carefully curated and recipes approved by paediatric dietitians to provide your baby with the optimal nutritional balance as well as exposure to new flavours and tastes. We don’t add any salt or sugar to our food and carefully limit the amount of saturated fat used.
We believe in fresh, real food – that’s why we don’t use frozen ingredients or go through any unnecessary processes to extend the shelf life of our meals. Instead, we use the best seasonal ingredients and cook them from scratch every morning before delivering them straight to your door from our kitchen.

Do I have to subscribe? What if we are away?

We believe subscription works the best to ensure your little one has the optimal balance of nutrition and maximum exposure to variety every week.
You can pause or change your subscription by Saturday 10am for the following week.

Can I choose the texture of the food?

Yes you can. Also we know that you may want to change the texture as they grow, so you can edit your preference in “My Account”.

What’s the portion size?

For the 7-12m menu, our mains are typically 100g and fruits / veg 30g. For 1-3y menu, mains are typically 200g and snack / dessert 100g. Portion sizes may vary due to nutritional density.

How do you ensure we receive the best quality meals everyday?

We have thought about every single detail so that we can serve your baby the best meals possible.
We source the best quality seasonal ingredients from reputable suppliers who also supply all the Michelin 3* restaurants in London. Nothing frozen, always fresh.
We have a strict hygiene protocol in place, all kitchen staff hold food hygiene certificate and must go through regular health checks to ensure our meals are prepared in a safe environment. We flash freeze a sample of every dish we produce for 10 days and conduct regular testing to ensure the highest standards are adhered to at all times.
We only use our own fleet and drivers for delivery so that our strict hygiene standards can be kept from the moment food leaves the kitchen to when you receive them.

What if my baby doesn't like the food?

Babies have an innate preference for sweeter food and it may take 8-10 tries for them to get used to a new taste. That’s why we have different menus every day, to make sure they are exposed to all the different tastes and flavours from a young age. We also have “favourites” returning every 7-10 days to make sure they can enjoy what they like!

Can we choose which dishes to order?

We send you menu every Monday for the following week so if you see your favourites, you could edit your order – although we would encourage you to try different flavours as the more exposure you give to your little ones, the less likely they will become fussy eaters later in life.

What age are V&Me’s meals appropriate for?

We cater for babies / toddlers aged between 7 months – 3 years. All our meals are suitable from 6 months but you may wish to start the weaning journey with simple vegetables and fruits for the initial weeks.

Do you cater for allergies?

Unfortunately – not yet. We are working on an allergen-friendly version though so please do leave your contact details and allergies via contact form so you can be the first to know when we are ready!

What’s the best way to enjoy the meals?

Our freshly cooked meals are best enjoyed fresh. If not, please store them in the fridge as soon as you receive them.
While reheating, we recommend using the oven for best results, generally speaking 150-160C for 8-10 minutes (covered in foil), but appliances vary so please ensure the food is heated till piping hot and cooled down before serving.
Most dishes are suitable for microwave reheat too, our ecobowls (not the lids) are microwave safe. Please take food out of any foil containers before reheating in microwave.
Our meals and snacks are best paired with a nutritional breakfast and a snack.

Are the containers safe for babies? Are they good for the planet?

Yes, they are free of BPA and Phtalates. Also they are composable, biodegradable and widely recycled in the UK. Once COVID is over, we will be collecting containers and packaging for recycling but for now, please put them in your home recycling bins.

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