1 Year Subscription


1-Year Subscription – Year-Round Delicious Meals for You & Your Baby!  £5,000

Say goodbye to mealtime stress (and endless grocery trips!) for a whole year. Enjoy delicious, nutritious meals delivered right to your door. Our exclusive 1-year subscription offers 600+ meals (300+ deliveries!) of fresh, age-appropriate meals for your child, with an additional portion suitable for you (or a sibling!) to share.

Enjoy the flexibility to choose your delivery days (up to 6 per week) within our London delivery areas. Need a break? We understand life happens; we offer flexible pausing options so you can easily pause deliveries, while ensuring you receive your deliveries throughout the year. Coming back from holidays? We won’t let you miss out! You can easily catch-up, too.

To get started, simply choose between our baby or toddler menus, and the amount of days you wish to receive meals for. Most of our meals can cater to various dietary needs and preferences, so just let us know about any you may have. The menu changes weekly, ensuring little ones experience exciting food adventures every day. Plus, deliveries can be easily managed, changed, and paused at any time.