Navigating Organic Baby Nutrition: Freshness Trumps All in London

Busy parents in London are presented with a myriad of choices when it comes to providing the best for their little ones. There’s also been a surge of organic shops popping up all over London in places like Hackney, Clapham, Dulwich and St John’s Wood. One prevalent question that often arises is, “Is opting for an organic baby food delivery service truly worth it?” At V&Me, we have a unique perspective on this, as we prioritise freshness over purely organic labels.

Is Organic Important When It Comes to Your Baby?

While the term ‘organic’ is often just seen as a “stamp” of quality for lots of people, it’s important to delve into what it truly means for your baby’s nutrition. Organic baby food is undoubtedly free from synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, but what we’ve found in our experience is that it doesn’t always guarantee the freshest or most flavourful produce. At V&Me, we’ve opted for a different path, focusing more on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients from suppliers who also cater to central London’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Our commitment lies in the belief that the origin and freshness of ingredients contribute significantly to the nutritional value of your baby’s meals.

Is Freshness More Important?

Opting for fresh, locally sourced produce also aligns with our sustainability ethos, reducing the environmental impact of long-haul transportation associated with many of the organic produce. The vibrancy of recently harvested fruits and vegetables translates to a higher density of nutrients, and the importance of this during your baby’s early stages of development is essential for their overall health and wellbeing.

Every day, our kitchen in Battersea wakes up early to start receiving the fresh produce deliveries for the day, just like a restaurant would do. Because of this, there is almost no fridge or freezer space required as the majority of the produce is delivered, cooked and sent to doorsteps in Kensington, Hounslow, Queen’s park, Canary wharf and Fulham.

In conclusion, while the organic label has its merits, we strongly believe the emphasis should ultimately be on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. At V&Me, we’ve crafted a baby food delivery service that embraces the freshest and finest seasonal produce, making every meal as nutritious and tasty as possible for your little one’s taste buds.

So why choose V&Me?

We’ve already talked about the benefits of fresh food for your baby, but what are the other reasons why parents use V&Me?
To build healthy eating habits early-on
– V&Me is designed to be used on a regular basis, because laying the foundations for a healthy, flexible eater doesn’t happen overnight. Our 36 meal menu changes seasonally so your baby will never get bored of the same food.

To save time for the important things in life
– Being a parent means you’ll be lucky to get 30 seconds to yourself during the week. Saving time in the kitchen is one of the most obvious places to start making a trade-off. Especially when you know the alternative is freshly cooked exactly as you would do yourself and is totally guilt-free.

How to sign up to V&Me?

If you live in London and you want to join the growing number of people getting fresh baby food deliveries to their doorstep, click the link below and get your first delivery now!

Will G
V&Me's very own baby food expert!