V&Me vs. Baby Food Pouches: The Manufacturing Process

Baby food pouches have become a go-to for parents, especially during emergencies or while on-the-go. They offer convenience and seemingly quick nutrition for hungry babies. However, it’s important for parents to know the whole story behind baby food pouches and the potential downsides to using them.

First of all, yes, it is undeniable that pouches have a time and a place, namely in an “emergency” while out and about, and they’re definitely the better option compared to most processed adult snacks. Yet, relying solely on pouches as a mealtime replacement can start to hinder your baby’s nutrition and overall development.

The manufacturing process:

One of the main differences between V&Me’s baby food and the type found in pouches is the way the food has been prepared.

The manufacturing process of pouches involves high heat treatment and intensive maceration, which compromises the nutritional content of the food. In fact, research indicates that store-bought baby food might contain fewer nutrients compared to equivalent homemade meals.

V&Me meals, on the other hand, are cooked exactly as you would do at home. What this means is that fresh, whole ingredients are cooked by real people in small batches with no ingredients that you wouldn’t recognise using the same techniques you would do at home. 

Moreover, the intense manufacturing processes that are used to make the pouches often result in sweeter-tasting meals due to the release of intrinsic sugars from plant cell walls. This sweetness can influence babies’ taste preferences, potentially skewing their natural inclination towards sweeter foods.

V&Me meals are designed to give babies a life-long love for homemade food. Being a parent of a young child can be one of the most stressful and busy periods and oftentimes the pressure to try and cook homemade meals every day for your baby can quickly become overwhelming. V&Me lets you take the pressure off yourself by giving you the peace of mind that your baby is still eating nutritious homemade meals when you simply don’t have it in you to start cooking.

If you want to your baby to have a love for homemade food, find out more about V&Me here: